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Love. The Do and Don't For Guys

Assalamualaikum fellow internet users! Good day to all of you.
Excuse me for the cheesy intro. For your information, I'm new here  This post will be my big debut and hopefully my  big break into the cruel but interesting world of blogging. I wish not to bore all of you with my lengthy introduction. So let us talk about this month's topic which is:
My fellow blogger had wrote about love. The definition of love. The feeling of love. The awesomeness of love. They already cover the 'abstract' part of love so I'm here to explain the more 'technical' side of love.
One thing that you need to know is:
In love, sparks fly.
In love, kisses fly.
In love, random culinary items also fly. (Trust me, being hit with one is painful)

What I am doing to write about is how to make only sparks and kisses fly in a relationship and avoid making plates fly into your face. Frankly speaking, this is for the guys ONLY. (I'm a guy and still single :D) Without further ado, let us start.

The big DO's
1.Be Consistent

Okay, let us assume you already in a relationship with the girl. You went through all the hardship to get that one girl. You text sweet messages, you call her every night, you humiliate yourself in front of your friends just of her. You already transformed your normally nerdy,geeky and uncool self with a prince on a white stead during the process to win her heart. Heck, you even avoided the Friendzone area. Now, what happened after this is most guys will do back into their nerdy,geeky and uncool self with a pinch of douchebag. Guys, you worked hard to get the girl. Be consistent. Do what you always do or maybe even better. Trust me, I will change into a douchebag unless you, yourself prevent it.

2. Treat her fairly

Yes, as gay and 'lembut' as it sounds, girls are still human. Respect them. They are not your personal slave. Like they really want to be your girlfriend if you are being such a douche. I see alot of cases where the girl were hypnotized by the pseudo-awesomeness of the boyfriend and transformed to being his personal banking account for him to withdraw for his personal needs. If you were happened to be that kind of a guy, then don't suddenly become a sissy when you get a dinner plate smack in your face. Treat her fair, just like how you treat your bro's

3. Give space

Yes, you are a White Knight on a grand White Stead. Unfortunately, you are not a white koala to be clinging to your girl 24/7. Come on, she need time also. You also have your bro's. So do your OWN stuff. The world consist of 7 billion people, not just the two of you. Don't believe all the hipster tumblr post. The first thing that turns a women off is a whiny, clingy guy.

Now, that's for the Do's (I have a long list of them actually but not today guys)

Here is the Don'ts (it looks like donuts, right?)

1. Cheat

For the love of God, you went through all the hardship and now you changed your mind? You sir, are absurd! No wonder plates fly. This is the biggest Don't ever. No amount of elaboration can explain the wrongness level if you commit this Don't.

2. Lie
GF: Sayang, you dah tolong photostatkan assignment I x?
You: (playing X-box) Er...dah2. Nanti I bgi you ea?
GF: Ok, syg u sgt2
GF: Sayang, nak assignment?
You: Er...assignment ape?
GF: Ala yang I suruh you photostat tadi. You kata dah siap. Jap lagi yang kene hantar dah.
You: Err....
GF: Ape errr....?
(Insert fight here)

Don't lie. Just tell the truth. I have personally been into a lying streak and it ended up with me and a broken handphone.

3. Don't commit Don't Number 1 and 2.
Simple as that ;)

So that is all! The basic for a nice relationship. So guys! May your relationship flourished after knowing this simple but important tips. By the way, the images used are from the first line of Google image when I search the keywords so I apologize for my laziness. And I apologize for my language and my blunt take on this whole relationship thing. Hope you enjoyed my debut post and keep on tuning in for more ME.


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