Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Determination...That is what matters most.

Hello everybody! It like other writers are realllllllyyyyy busy right now. I actually waited until the next writer make post before posting. I don't want to hog this blog all by myself you know?

Actually, I wanted to make a post about Malaysia's educational system and how we were trained to be photocopiers but I was beaten to the catch. (Go read the post below, it is insightful) So, that means I need another topic Thinking that inspiration level in minimal, I decided to wait until tomorrow. Then it happens.

Funny story actually, just moments before I wrote this, a friend of mine posted a tribute to another friend in my batch's facebook group. It goes something like this:

 "sorry la genesis.aku tak dapat sumbang untuk korang.tapi aku dah janji nak study betol kat U and buat G corp tu.seriously,aku tak main2.korang yg berjaya lah yg akan naikkan semangat convo nanti tangkap gambar byk2.buat aku jealous."

For your information, this friend didn't achieve his target for SPM but did he gave up? Hell no. Instead, he got up and made a bold statement over the internet stating that he WILL be back, as a far better person and far more successful person. Such boldness made myself cringe. Why can't I be him? 

What drives him? Determination of course. Yes, he did has his weakness but did he whine and complain? Reflect back on yourself. Did you complain about your weakness and whine about your failures? I confess. I did. I failed to enter the second phase interview for UWC and I whine about that failure. Remembering that status, that statement...I realized, why should I whine and complain? I should stand back up. I should have that unwavering resolve and determination like this guy over here.

Think back. What ever your results are, think. What is your ultimate dream? Did you tell yourself that the road will be jagged and rough? If you do, why give up and whine? Be like this guy over here. That passion, that determination is what famous and successful person has that normal people didn't.

This guy shows that SPM is not everything. It is just a stepping stone. You didn't fall? Good, keep on moving and don't fall on the next stone. You fall down? Get back up! Simple logic right? But our scumbag brain and conscious need extra drill to make it stick!

Be determined
Be passionate
Be bold
Like this guy.

And be supportive, like the friend who quoted this guy.
Real friends back each other up.
And this is my way of backing you up.
Come on dude! I know you will be reading this.
I have immortalized your conviction over the internet dude!
Come on, show me what you are capable off!

On behalf of everything awesome, I salute you.

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