Sunday, March 4, 2012

Education and Studies...What's up with them?

Hello peeps! I am back. I only have a short time to bake up something for this month's topic as I will be leaving to Langkawi tomorrow. (Vacation time FTW!) So, what's up with Education and Studies?

Education and Studies. Ever since the dawn of our time, this is the ONLY things that we are taught are important to us. Don't believe it? Remember this phrases which we all hear ALL the TIME from our parents?

"Dah-dah la tu main komputer, gi belajar."
"Nak, belajar rajin-rajin ye?"
"Tak boleh! Gi belajar!"
"Belajar elok-elok nanti mak beli ea?
"Dah belajar belum?"
"Mak hantar sekolah untuk belajar!"

And the list goes on...Not only that, in school we hear the SAME thing again...only to be worded differently.

"Weyh, belajar ar. Exam nak dekat."
"Exam weyh, kene study."
"Ko leh tido? Study la! SPM doh. SPM"

Yeah, yeah we all hear that. Truth to be told, I got sick after the first 3 months of hearing that. Then I started thinking; What is so important about education and the freaking exam? I did some researching and found that a high percentage of successful people came from people without any or little formal education. Why we need education now?

You see boys and girls, education is important to us. Now don't compare yourself with the ones who became successful without any education. They are one in a million and their time is the time were information are scarce and possibilities are limited. Enter the 21st Century, also know as the Information Age. The world is moving in a very fast rate that you will be lost in its pace before you could say, 'Bumblebee'. (Random word btw)

Education will prepare yourself to face the cruel world. It will strengthen your character. It will make you confident to face the world. It is by far the most important thing to be handled in your life.


Bad Education exist. Not all Education System will make you very prepared for the outside world. Yet, the blame can't be fully pointed to the system.

Us...We are a problem.

You see, Malaysia follow a very exam-oriented system of education. While it shows to have produced very well-prepared graduates in the past, students of the information era are abusing it to the max. Enter the system where the true goal of education is to make networks and dig for 'soalan bocor'. Yes, it happens. Admit it yourself. You played the game too.

At the end of the day, what does Malaysia's education system make us? Prepared? Are sure you are prepared? With all the carefree feeling of being a school student, I don't think we have been trained well enough.


Right, SPM is over. School is over but another obstacle awaits: Pre-U.
Which is I believe most 1994's will face in a few months.
Here, I am certifying that I DON'T care which path you take or which college you apply or which scholarships you get.
What I care is,

For the love of Malaysia, Your Family and Yourself!
Do well in Pre-U!
Sure, school has ended but this is NOT school.
Pre-U is not just a honeymoon course to take before the real thing.
It is called Pre-U for a reason.
To prepare yourself.
I'm sure most of us screwed our preparation for the outside world during school years. (I do) So Pre-U is the time to catch up. Seriously, WE ARE LOSING TO THE WORLD.
Don't be caught up in the illusion. We are all ADULTS. 18 years old.
Too much we see or hear, great student go down to the depths of misery and failure in Pre-U. And you all know the reason why: Too egoistic and carefree.

Time to get your game face on. Once you step into the 'Big 18', there is no turning back. Prepare the best you can to face life...Or life will bite you hard in the butt.


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