Sunday, March 18, 2012

The End of the Road, Finally!

Finally, after so long. 21st March will be the official end for our school. (94 kids will understand) Wait, the end? I don't get it. Still haven't got a clue?

SPM results la weyh...(I hope you all are not slowpokes)

These past few days, I have been casually asking people, "SPM result lagi X hari weyh." The responses were as diverged as our opinion on the origin of Nasi Lemak.

"Damn! Aku cuak doeeeee..."
"Ala...cepat nyer...tak nak ambik ar..."
"Adoi, mati la aku macam ni."
"Takut worh x capai target."
"The end of the world is here."

Okay, it was not as diverged as it looked like. The common theme we can observed from the above responses is: The sheer amount of negativity inside the student.

I don't know who to blame but it seems that SPM is the most important thing in the whole wide world. Okay, stop. Yes, it is important for college, university, scholarship bla bla bla and so forth but can it weigh out your life as a whole? Student society view the straight A's student as a respected person and will absolutely be successful in life while the average and weak students are regarded as a nobody. Indirectly, this cause negativity to be born inside the student's hearts.

But wait, there are students who achieved results which made an ordinary person go 'OMG! Gempak giler ko punya results! Genius! Albert Einstein! Stephen Hawkings! ALOLOLOLLO!' but...they had that negativity inside them. Why? This matter is really worrisome as negativity will hamper further character and personality development if not tackled immediately.

Here is the answer: over expectation.

Wait Nazran, I am trying to be humble by not hoping over the top results and you are saying I am over expecting?
Hold your Myvi dear friend, it is not the student themselves directly over expecting. The students are indirectly over expecting. How does that happens? It goes back to how society views academic geniuses over averages.They thought their academic result are not good enough and they subconsciously over expect. Doing that, they also think negatively.

This is getting confusing am I right? So, I will stop all this anthropology stuff here but the main point is: Never to underestimate yourself.
So what how you did during the exam?
So what you are not geniuses?
So what your friends are smarter than you?

What makes you truly amazing and incredible is you. Not your results or the society's view of you. How you view yourself is what is truly important. When you value yourself, your development quickens and you will be an incredible person in the future. Stop this negativity. It is okay to be nervous for the results but don't underestimate yourself.

Kurt Hahn, the person behind the ideology of UWC (United World College) once said:
Plus est es vous.
Which means: There is more in you than what you think.

Get your results with pride. Accept the result with shame. Strive for a better tomorrow. And we shall meet at the top of the summit :)

Foot note: Wow, I sounded like a motivator already

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