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Friend? Nahhhh.

It was written on last year, right before I go through my SPM trial. My English teacher asked us to write an essay, an open topic essay anyway, which titled as "Friend".


Wednesday, 3rd August 2011

                I used to be his bestfriend. A friend that he talked and mumbled with, nearly about everything happened in our life. We shared most of the things that we knew and I think both of us pretty sure what kind of personality that we are in. Personally, I always look forward for what he had done as I found it was really special to treat a person like me. I am not telling that I am "that bad" , but I think to have a person like him in life is just like having a dream. Frankly, he is not handsome and gorgeous person that girls' will head over heels after him, but still I am thinking that he is an attractive one. He looked great all the way he is. The way he thought of something can just amazed me. I just do not know how to describe him much, but for me having him as a bestfriend is just like a perfect dream.

            We have known each other for ages. He comes from an average family. Eventhough he is not born with a silver spoon, he and his siblings were raised with full of love and care. His brothers and sisters succeeded becoming an excellent person today as they successfully finishing their studies with flying colours. As he is the youngest child in his family, more or less he will feel encouraged to be like them too. He often reminds me to manage my time well and use it to a beneficial way. As for him, time is golden. He could sit and hit the books all the day as he thinks he is not good enough to perform and compete with other persons out there. We may think that he will go insane by doing that, but seriously he is not. He is very determined to pursue his studies to be an accountant and he knew he needs to take many steps onwards before achieving that. He kept telling me that, "Where there is a will, there is a way". It just depends on how we work on it. And of course, all his words helps me to make my move. Eventhough I am not sure about my future career yet, I always push myself hard to be an excellent one as I put his words as my motivation.

            When I am about losing my spirits, he will cheer me up and throw the sadness away. If I am about to cry, he will always be there to stand by my side and all ears to hear all my craps. I know that I kept mention his good characters, but he is totally not like any other of my friends ; who come and go whenever they pleased. At first, he is just like abrother to me. He will not stop giving me his pep talk so that I will keep fully charged motivated all the day. Sometimes, I found it was really annoying, but somehow it was true. My friends dislike him because he is harsh. Sometimes, his words can simply make people feel devastated as he is a straight-forward talking person. I do not know why but he is not that harsh to me. Maybe I am a tolerate person enough who can accept people's words as long as he is not shouting without any reason at me. Otherwise, I will get offended and of course, he will be in a danger situation which is I rarely can accept his apologize within a twinkle of an eye.

            After a few years befriend to him, he proposed me to be his girlfriend. He said he needs me as I knew him more than his siblings could ever thought. I thought he was kidding and I was not believing him. But he said, he pretty sure knew what he felt and damnly serious of what he was talking about. Albeit I had a crush on him, but his statement really put me in shock. I could not give him any decision on taking steps to love-phase as I was speechless on that time. Speechless like I can't say anything or I can't think what was actually happened to me. I can't explain how complicated I was on that night. I can't think like a normal person as I can feel my heart jumped and walked at the same time. Arghh. I just can't explain how I felt. If I said yes to him, I was afraid if our love could affect my result. If it happens, my parents would blame him for things happened. I often heard that fall in love when schooling will distract you more than you thought. But he told me, we can be differ from others. Eventhough we were lovebirds, we still can be an excellent student by making each other as an isnpiration. After thinking twice about it, I was willing to give a try. I had a crush on him and I do not think that it would be hard on made him as my inspiration as I looked forward to him before this.

            Everything went alright. He took good care of me and he always made sure that I always done a right thing. He even made me a time-table study. How he loves me! I never saw he missed his revision especially near to his upcoming trial SPM. I can see how hard he worked. Despite busy concentrating his focus on studies, he never neglected me. I ashamed to admit that I was lazy before. I left my tons of homework as simple as that. I think he noticed it. He kept make me realized on importance of study consistently. He always mentioned that who else would change our destiny except our ownselves. By that time, I realized he was such a spiritual young man. He was a someone that could not be defeated easily. And I know, since from that second, I looked him as a man instead of a boy. If I looked up at him such that great, I want to be a great person like him too. I want him to be proud of having me as someone special too!

            He got straight A's in his SPM examination. I could feel extreme joy when I heard that good news. His efforts all this while do pay. Eventhough I was not the one who achieved that yet, I was overjoyed. After thought of it through and through, I want to be like him. From that moment, I have started to work hard to achieve flying colours results. Fortunately, my result rose immediately due to my unstopped results. His couragement really made sense. We could prove that love when schooling can help you if you handle it with care. After been in a relationship with him about several months, we had to break up. It was not because our love getting fade by time, but my parents insisted me to do it. They would love to see their first daughter to pass her upcoming SPM examination with fully A's and they worried if I might distracted by him. They did not know the reality. It was him who forced me to sit and revised all my subjects daily. I rebelled when they were making up the decision without discussing it with me first. I still remember on that cold and tranquil night, I was crying like crybabies because of did not want to let him go from my life. I could feel how helpless I was.


I told him and of course with those tears surround my cheeks, and he said, " Your parents think for your own good and you have to thank them. They always knew us better, dear. If they did not put their trust in our relationship, I can't believe our relationship will last longer. And I do not want us to be like that. Remember, dear. We need their blessings for what we did and do. I could never ever replace someone special as you in my heart. Never ever. I promise if we are destinied to be together in future, I am not hesitated to ask your hand in a marriage. I won't let you go from my heart. I will wait for you and I hope we will be together after we excel in our studies. And after that, we will undergo all the obstacles together.If Allah wills.Now, wipe your tears please". I nodded. His words kept running on my minds till now. It was bad of letting him go but I know, I have learnt something from that actually. I think I was getting stronger each day to face up reality on tomorrow. I would never ever forget him for the rest of my life for being such a good friend to me. Really do. And indeed, his enthusiasm will always stick to accompany me to make sure I can achieve what I want in future. If Allah wills.

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I'm sorry I can't be your Doctor Love as I promised before. I have no idea at all at first. But when I read my essay back I don't know why I want to share it with you. Maybe I still remember of 'our story'? Hehe I don't know. Well this story is just half-true, don't think bout it much. I hope with all the gramatical errors and childlish thinking, you don't mind much. And not to be forgotten, I am sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry (multiply it by giga) because this topic is special for February, but not March. Hehe. Wish you all the best on this 22nd March 2012!

With Love, Afifa Anuar

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