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EduCamps, Interviews, and What Not To Do.


Sekarang musim orang pergi EduCamps, temuduga semua tu, kan? Okay, saya tahu post ini agak lambat sebab ada yang dah pergi interview, dan calon-calon Petronas scholars juga sudah pun berada di UTP/UiTM untuk EduQuest Camp mereka, tapi tak apa, insyaAllah entri ini berguna untuk mereka yang belum lagi menghadiri temuduga. (entah apa entah yang aku cakap ni)

Okay, things to do when you're going to an interview:

1. Write a resume/CV

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What should be in your resume? Well, basically, your personal details (Name, Address, Contact number, email address, etc), your academic achievements, your skills and interest, your work experience and references.

For information on how to write a resume/CV, you can refer here : Google Docs - CV. And if you think you need a CV to look at, here's a sample of a CV that you can refer to : Google Docs - CV Sample

2. Get all your examination slips, certificates and everything ready.

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Make copies of your SPM examination result, co-curriculum certificates and any other certificates that would make you look good. Make copies of your birth certificate, your parents' birth certificates, your IC and your parents' IC. Arrange all of these in a clear-file folder, putting the most recent ones at the top. Put your CV at the front of the folder, with your IC and birth cert, followed by SPM slip and the other certificates.

Do note that this arrangement differs with certain scholarships who would ask you to arrange them in a different way.

3. Read up

Yes, make research. Read magazines, books, articles, newspapers and the internet to know more about the course you're applying for. Know a little bit on what you'd be studying, what career prospects there are, where you want to study and so on.

Also read up the latest news in the county or around the world. Know the issues that are happening around you. Interviewers do not like students who are close-minded and oblivious to the fact that there is a bigger world outside our small rooms. Take interest in the current affairs that are happening.

4. Practice talking in English

As cliche as it may sounds, practice do make perfect. Try talking to your friends in English to prepare yourself for the interview. You don't have to use bombastic words or flowery adjectives. Simple words would do, as long as the interviewers could understand you.

5. Have faith.

Yes, have faith in yourself. Believe in yourself. Don't think that you stand no chance in the interviews because you come from a day school. Don't look down on yourself just because you didn't score straight A+'s. Don't tell yourself that you'd lose the challenge to the other candidates, even if they scored 12A+ and you scored 5A+.

You guys do know that the string of A+ does not guarantee the success for a student. Like my friend once said, "Kalau dapat A+ banyak-banyak pun tapi masa interview macam tunggul kayu pun no use juga." So, yeah. Even without that straight A+ you guys can succeed to the top, insyaAllah.

6. Make an impression

"Thank you for your consideration." - LOL, the BEST part

Ever watched The Hunger Games? Remember the part where she shot that arrow into the apple from the ***'s mouth? Yes. Do what Katniss did. Do something so bizarre so the interviewers would remember you. They've interviewed hundreds of candidates, so you do not want to be just 'the next candidate'.

And no, I'm not asking you to bring a bow and arrows into the interview room and shoot something. What I meant was to be exceptionally active. Be active, be curious. Ask questions, but don't ask stupid questions like "Do you think I'm suitable to get this scholarship?". Instead, ask mature and intelligent questions that relates to your course / career plans.

7. Dress smart and formal

Please, don't wear a casual shirt and jeans to an interview. Don't wear slippers or shorts to meet your possible future scholarship. Do dress smartly and fomally, like the kinds of clothes you'd wear to go to work / office.

For guys : Slack, t-shirt, tie, blazer (not compulsory, but it'd do great, especially if the room is so freaking cold), socks and shoes.

For girls : Well, for girls is easy. If you think wearing blouse with slack is uncomfortable, you can just wear a baju kurung :)

8. Be courteous

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Greet your interviews when you enter the room. Say 'Good Morning' or 'Assalamualaikum' or 'Good Afternoon'. Shake their hands (well, if you can laaa. Muslims take note) Don't sit before they ask you to (don't woryr, they won't let you stand for a long time) Answer their questions politely and honestly. Like, seriously, don't lie. It won't do you any good. Don't cut across their speech, and wait until they have finished talking before you answer.

At the end of the interview, greet them again. Say thank you for their time and consideration, shake their hands, and leave quietly.

GOOD LUCK! :) Do share your experiences with us here on 1994's so people could learn from your experiences. :) I wish you all the best in your future interviews.

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terbaekk la sis! gud job :)

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Thanks a lot for your valuable information abotu How to write a resume? From your tips I got JOb.... I am happy

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