Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To Soon-To-Be Doctors, Go Play Trauma Series!

Hello and assalamualaikum to all. Nazran is here....again...with something to share. And it is going to be LEGEN-wait for it...

Today, I want to share to you about the Trauma series.
Remember my post on guide to Medicine. Now, for those who are passionate or trying to be passionate about Medicine, I want to introduce to the Trauma series.
But dude, this is a Medan Perang for Ideologies of the younger generations not a game review blog. Hold ya horse, dear friends. The reason I want those future doctors to play this game is because-

It is a SURGERY simulation game!

No joke, it is a surgery simulation game. In other words, you will get to cut some live bodies and cure them. With diseases ranging from a fractured bone to liver failure to cancer and the game's post apocalyptic virus called GUILT. You will be exposed to the basic procedure of surgery and race against time to save your patient.
Sounds exciting? Of course it is! It is for the Nintendo DS meaning you control your stylus to cut, sew, laser and cut some more in the game.
The story of the game is interesting. It is the story of you, a young talented surgeon who is the frontline team to battle an unknown virus called GUILT. Expect heart-wrenching moments and panic attacks as you try to save each and every patient against the clock.
Gameplay is smooth and I highly recommend you to play it.

Don't have a DS? No worries.
*ehem*DS emulator*ehem
Search the internet, search for torrents
I'm sure you will find one.
I can't post it here.
I will get sued!

Oh yeah, if you guys have a Wii. Even better!
Go play Trauma Team.
It is farrrrrrrr better than Trauma Center. Why?
You have not one...but SIX...
There is:
-First Response
-Diagnosis aka House-like job
-Forensic ala CSI

Here is a trailer showing how awesome this game is:

I pre-ordered mine already...get yours now...especially those future doctors


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