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You Pick, We Write: I Want to be a Doctor!

Hello and Assalamualaikum to all! Nazran here with a something interesting to share. Yes, it is about career. With the UPU closing date just around the corner, everyone is anxious about their decision which will decide their career. We, the writers of 1994's decided to help your soul-searching quest by researching about the careers YOU want to know. And to get the ball rolling, we start of with-

*drum rolls*

Medicine! (Seriously, the topic already gave away the surprise.)
Unsurprisingly, Medicine took first place in the polls at the side bar there ->
Well, it is a popular course which is subjected to many stereotypes like:

"Oh, ko pandai ea? Jadi doktor ar nanti."
"Awak berbakat. Minat Medic x?"
"Pergh....result gempak. Medic confem ar budak ni."
"Doktor best...gaji tinggi..."

Well, social views aside. I am here to perform a surgery on this particular course to cure the confusion and questions arise.

1. Advantages
-ability to provide service to others (saves lives)
-continuous learning
-appreciation by society
-DECENT salary (for all you money-eyed people)

2. Disadvantages
-DEBT (Reasons below)
-High learning cost
-MANY years of training
-Very stressful
-Lengthy process to acquire license
-Time consuming
-Very depressing when unable to help

Seeing the pros are over weighted by the cons, make you wonder. Is it really worth it? Depends on you. Being a doctor meaning that you will live your life in the service of others. In other words, YOUR PAYCHECK IS THE GRATITUDE FROM THE PATIENT AND THE FULFILLMENT FROM  HELPING OTHERS, NOT $$$$$$ (Pardon the caps lock) It is called a noble profession for a reason.

3. Cost.
 Yes, studying Medicine cost a fortune. Unfortunately, I don't have any graphs or tables for your analytical eyes but I do have some figures. (5 years study NOT including living fees)

Malaysia (Public): Varies with institution, not much data here.
Malaysia (Private): RM250K-650K (depends on institution)
Ireland: RM 144K-250K per year
Australia: RM 120K-RM170K per year
New Zealand: RM 169K per year
UK: RM 170K per year
USA: 165K per year
(This is according to the current exchange rate, may increase or decrease)
*Figures from various websites that I googled and forgot to bookmark the address

4. Skills Needed and Minimum Requirements
To be a doctor, you must be:
1. Passionate like a love-struck woman
2. Determined like Jeevan
3. Skillful with your hands
4. Confident like a lion
5. Communicative like er....telephone?
6. and a little sarcastic just like Dr. House (Ignore this one, its a joke)

Good grades in SPM is a must with credits for Biology and Chemistry. English is a very good bonus for you.

5. Job Prospect
You can be a doctor! You will work in hospitals, health center, laboratories, polyclinics reasearch institute and many more health-related places according to your specialization.

Among the different branches of Medicine are:
-Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
-Clinical Laboratory Specialist
-ENT Specialist
-General Practitioner
-General Surgeon
-Hospital Administrator

Well, there is over 33 medical schools in Malaysia. Just pick one. Programs varies and so do the cost. Most IPTS offer twinning programs with medical schools overseas. IPTA medical schools are also a force to be reckoned with. If you are going for IPTA, I suggest UM, UKM or UIA. All of these IPTAs have a long history of medical programs and effective practicals. If IPTS, there is International Medical University, Manipal University, MAHSA, Monash University and UCSI to name a few among the scores of others. The effectiveness of their program is up to question, a further personal research must be done to find out more if you are considering IPTS as your choice.

Note: For our level, we need to pass our Pre-U first. For foundation level, it is obviously that we need to take Foundation in Science. A similar diploma will also be sufficient. For A-level, CPU, ADFP, IB, AUSMAT, SAM students, take science subject and do well in it.

7. Additional Info/ Trivia.
-Studying in Indonesia or India or Egypt is not bad for Medicine due to the huge amount of practicals they gave and the level of lecturers there. Never underestimate them!
-Specializing in a Medicine field will take another 3-5 years in addition to your 7 years Medicine studies. So, prepare to hold off your marriage if you think you can't juggle the time.
-All Medicine Undergraduates are required to do Housemanship for two years in Government Hospital and serve GH for another couple of years after. Housemanship is a gruesome training where you WILL experience a 36 hour shift, lack of sleep, stress and screams from your medical seniors.
-A doctor's paycheck is NOT his greatest aim. Please remember that
-Malaysia need more doctors who STAY IN MALAYSIA
-Be prepared to remember weird names and read weirder hand writings.

Well, I hope this covers a little of your confusion on the topic. Truth to be told, I'm not planning to do Medicine after this but I DID at one time were so passionate about it. Never become like me. Be passionate and stay passionate.


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2 Terbunuh:

Keretapi said... [Reply to comment]

you've got a very interesting and funny writing style. yes this is a compliment, hehe.

i DO NOT want to become a doctor, despite other people's

"ambikla medic, sayang result tu"

"ruginya belajar bio tapi tak jadi doktor"

"doktor kaya beb"

"straight A's? Medic?"

like seriously people, get a grip. kalau semua orang fikir camni, memang takde sape jadi benda lain. and an additional info here, aku baca beberapa kali from various sources yang there will be an oversupply of doctors in malaysia, housemen esp.

bosan tgk orang yang nak jadi doktor fikir salary, fikir status. kalau nak jadi, jadi sbb nak tolong orang, passionate. takyahla sebab fikir dah belajar MRSM, wajib ambik doktor, kalau ambik business dia cakap buatpe masuk MRSM? *true story*

this post is helpful for future doctors though :D

coklat susu said... [Reply to comment]

nice entry :)
be like Dr House?haha the man who addicted to drugs..
i've been following a doc blog.he said that ''student sekarang from IPTS pun can be a doc,kalau dlu jgn harap.they does't have a quality like a true doc which u've to memories all the patient data n blablabla''
betul jgk kan,if u got money then u can buy ANYthing even a ''doc'' title..haha

p/s:broken english.. -_-

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