Saturday, August 25, 2012

Making an IMPACT.


Hai hai hai! Nazu's back in town babeh! Haha, sorry for the long 'holiday', but I'm back now, so WHO MISSED ME? :P Okay, sorry, merapu sekejap. Hmm. A few weeks back, two of our admins (namely Aizan Fahri & I) went to an event organised by UKEC.

Untuk korang yang tak tahu, UKEC ni UK & Eire Student Council. Kira, macam student body for students studying in UK and Ireland. It's big, and important, and certainly powerful. Kira, kalau UKEC buat event kat UK and invite the PM to come, HE WILL COME. Nampak betapa mantapnya reputasi UKEC ni? :) Kalau anda semua berminat nak tahu lebih lanjut tentang UKEC, sila lawat laman web mereka di :

Okay, what I wanted to share here is something worth thinking, something worth wondering upon. And I hope, after reading this, I can get you guys to start taking actions, start making changes, no matter how small they are.

Would you?
Would you stand up to make the change?

One problem with the Malaysians' mentalities is that, WE WAIT TO BE SPOON-FEED with EVERYTHING. Kita nak something, but kita harapkan orang lain untuk bagi kita benda yang kita nak tu. Kita nak perubahan dalam dunia ni, tapi kita harapkan orang lain yang mulakan dulu.

Why not us?
Kenapa kita malu sangat nak mulakan sesuatu yang baru?
Kenapa kena tunggu orang lain yang buat?

I have attended a few symposiums and events by various companies, and I have heard talks by a lot of different people, who, in their own ways, made a difference in this world. And they did all of that by following their dreams, following their hearts.

Kau tak perlu nak jadi orang yang hebat yang mantap yang ada company besar-besar baru nak buat perubahan kat kehidupan. Kau tak perlu nak ada duit yang banyak untuk create a better future.

Aku tak nak menulis panjang sebab aku tahu generasi kita pemalas sikit nak baca. So aku just nak share a few quotes yang aku dapat from that event untuk korang fikir-fikirkan. :)

"Create ripples. It does not matter how big the splash that you make. What matters is how far the ripples goes." -MC Naz

"Everything you do in life is a journey. Everything that you do are just small dots in your life. You'd have to learn to connect the dots." -Yasmin, founder of Eco-Knights.

"Chill a bit. Let life create a journey for you." 

"You are not God. You are just a writer. You can't judge. You're just there to tell the stories." -Dina Zaman

"Don't live in your own little bubble. Reach out to the people around you. Empathize and engage." -Farini Daing, CEO of MyHarapan.

"You don't have the choice to pick the cards that you are dealt with. What matters is how you play them."

"Embrace your imperfections. If you don't accept yourself, how can you expect others to accept you?" -Muid Latif.

"Go and get out of your comfort zone. Just do it." -Aiman Azlan.

Think. Learn. Act.

Now is not the time to sit around and wait for things to happen.
Now is the time to stand up and make things happen.

Dream big. Aim high.
Start with small things. And venture into bigger things that could help the people around you, the public.

And share your projects and ideas with people, who knows, maybe they have similar ideas, and you guys can get together and plan a bigger one?

Start making impact guys! :)

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