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If you are already in universities or colleges, please please please, I ask of you to go to you counselor, and ask for an NLP test. What is an NLP? It is an initialism for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Now, why did I ask you to do this test? It can help with you with your study, seriously! It doesn't take much, just questions, 60 plus if I'm not mistaken.

Ok, in short, there is four type of human being in this world.

First, the kinesthetic type. You love doing practical world? You love participating in a work that require hand-eye coordination? Are you the type of person, who can't stay still in one place without playing with your hand or a pen? Then, you are probably  this type of person. *high 5* We are this type of person, who learn through practical work. *Engineer mode, on*. Way to actually gain knowledge? DO notes! Don't just read! You need to participate in your work!

Now, the second type, visual! Owh, I am so envy guys! Most of you can remember details of a picture, with just one look! You like things with bright colour and accessories with extreme details! Why am I jealous of you guys? You just simply have to read, and boom! You remembered. Well, good luck on reading your extremely long notes, you future doctors!

Next, auditory. Well, just as it sound, you guys are the type of person which learn through hearing. But there's one disadvantage, you guys are easily bored! You do not like repeating lectures. Do not sleep in class ok! Because I know that there's a lot of lecturer out there that keep on repeating the same thing, over and over and over again!

Finally, digital. Most people will look at this type of people as, "lembab". No, they are not! In fact, they analysis everything about a topic. True, they are the last to understand certain things, but, they learn the most! They will ask and ask until they fully understand, and when they do, they will know more about the subject more than other people. It's like, they're the last to start, but the most successful.

Alright, that is all that I know. Please, as a CCC member, go to your counselor and do the test. Start seeing the world differently, and learn to balance all the 4 characteristics! It is FUN!

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Nur Alia said... [Reply to comment]

imma visual + kinaesthetic ...

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