Friday, March 15, 2013

Contest Contest~!

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So yeah. It's official! 94's akan bukak pertandingan design baju!!! Sila excited ok?
Sebenarnya, masa tu kami dah bukak contest ni, tapi tak mendapat galakan sangat, so, kami nak cuba lagi la. Kali ni kami nak bukak untuk TIGA kategori. Yes, TIGA~!

Those three are.

1. 90force! (1991-1999 basically, tapi kena pakai nama 90force!)
2. 94s! (ni khas untuk batch 1994)
3. Miscellaneous (apa-apa yang korang boleh fikir yang korang rasa awesome yang melambangkan GENERATION kita).

Simple ain't it? Yes. Sangat simple. Now the rules are,

1. This content is open to all!
2. No explicit contents are allowed!
3. The design must be submitted to with the subject CONTEST.

4. Please state which category you are participating in.
5. Please include your Name, Contact number and adress in the email :)

Update about the prizes will be given at a later date. But you can expect something along the line of getting a free t-shirt from us :) Not to mention, your design could be chosen to be used as a 1994's t-shirt, which means those who buy it will be using your design. Wouldn't it be cool? :3

So watcha waiting for? Start sketching and drawing!

Contest ends on March 15, 2013. :)

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3 Terbunuh:

Akmal Irfan said... [Reply to comment]

Boleh hantar lebih dari satu penyertaan?

Syaza Nazura said... [Reply to comment]

@Akmal Irfan

Boleh je. Hantarlah seberapa banyak penyertaan yang korang nak, kiteorang terima je :D

Akmal Irfan said... [Reply to comment]

@Syaza Nazura

Oke.. Trimas :)

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