Friday, December 28, 2012

Money, Possibility and Soul

Entri ini ditulis sebagai respon kepada soalan-soalan popular yang ditujukan kepada penulis oleh budak-budak 95 aka Lepasan SPM 2012.
Oh, dan macam biasa. Entri ini akan ditulis dalam bahasa Inggeris kerana Bahasa Melayu penulis terlalu skema dan mungkin membuat para pembaca tidur dengan membacanya.

After the initial celebration of post-SPM, the 95's started to settle down. Most of them started to think about their future. Their academic path, career path, jobs bla bla bla.

So, they turn to the senior to aid them in their journey to self enlightenment. I was no exception as the 'senior who can help'

You know, I expect them to ask questions like:

"Biotech tu macam mana eh? Cam interesting je"
"Rasa-rasanya untuk cuti ni, aku nak kene buat apa?"
"Kalau nak target scholarship, apa yang aku kene tau?"

But nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I rarely got these kind of questions. Instead, I got:

"Weyh, kerja Aerospace leh jadi kaya tak?"
"Forensik cam takde peluang perkerjaan je. Betul ke?"
"Aku tak minat medic, tapi gaji masyuk weyh maka aku ambik ar."

Personally, I've a strong dislike with these kind of questions. Why? Mostly because it's HIGHLY IRREVELANT

"Eh eh eh eh, cop Nazran. Ko nak cakap duit, gaji bagai tu tak penting? Mampus anak-anak aku makan timun setiap hari!"

Money? Salary? Wages?
Now think for a moment. What earns you money? 
A job, correct?
Now, what determines the amount of money you get for the said job?
The quality of your work.

Now, ask yourself this. If you are given a job you strong dislike, let's say, being the guy who picks up elephant poo, will you do the job well?

But hate is a strong word. I think the most suitable way to phrase it is 'Job that is not your passion'

Face it, everyone has their passion or something they really like to do. Some people like conversing and communicating with others while some like to lock themselves in a secluded room and work meticulously. You can't expect a shy person to go out and be a promoter, he or she will be the worst promoter ever. Same thing you can't expect a hyperactive person to code a 1000 line program, he would lose focus at the third line and screw everything up.

Now, for example, you're a kind of person who can't work under stress and clumsy too. Then, because of the money factor of becoming a Doctor, you decided to be one. But you're against your will. You hate the field of medicine but you do it for the money. However, you can't work under stress and very clumsy. Operations by operations, you screwed up, costing lives. Imagine how it will affect your self esteem, your career and ultimately, your life?

So, why freaking bother about money?

And another thing, why freaking bother about job opportunity?

Imagine there are 10 doctors and the hospital wants to hire only 2 doctors. Whatever you do, there will still be 2 empty spaces for doctors. How could change this? Well, if you're a good doctor, your chance of getting in is higher, true? So, be a good doctor and the job is yours. 

Just like musicians. It's a field where people say : "Oh, tak leh buat duit ni" and "Heh, tak da chance nak dapat kerja" But passionate musicians hone their skills and they got a job (jobs actually) and money flowing in like a broken paip in Ukay Perdana.

Enough said, your responsibility is to be the best in a field/career you're in. Once you're the best, money and job opportunity come naturally. How to be the best? Well, start by picking a field you're passionate about

"Cop Nazran, camne nak tau field aku passionate ni?"

Well, read. Travel the world. Pray. Go deep into yourself.

Tedious task?

Trust me, I did that.

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5 Terbunuh:

Manusia said... [Reply to comment]

Doctor = Money?
From what I know doctors don't really get a huge amount of salary. That's what I read from most professionals' blogs out there.
Doctors will face so many risk in their work. They make a simple, small mistake, they'll get sued. And obviously, their jobs are not easy. Imagine you're on a Biology exam everyday but not only theoretically but also practically. And time is definitely not doctors best friend.
What makes continue working is not money, but passion. You have passion, you can go far.
So, those who think being a doctor will bring you $$$. Then you might wanna rethink everything.

And about the job opportunity, I couldn't agree more. Thank you for this. Really open my view.

K.Nazran said... [Reply to comment]

We share the same view, fellow humans. I appreciate your comment. Thanks

95 said... [Reply to comment]

Um, actually doctors do earn a lot of money. But only if they are specialists. I got a relative who's making rm80k a month and well, yeah he's working in a private hospital. But chartered accountants make that much too.

So what I'm trying to say is yes,these 'popular' jobs can make you rich but only if you're willing to work for it. For a doctor to get his specialization it'd take what 11 years of studying ( plus his medical degree lah) and for an accountant he has to take the ACCA or wtv. They also have to have passion in their field or they wouldn't last long. Success is 99% sweat people.

I'm a '95 student too and I already have a career in mind. But ofcourse I could only pray for the best for my SPM result. Cos only that can decide whether I can pursue my dreams or not.

applepounce (Aifa Muhammad Radzi) said... [Reply to comment]

Doctor= money is very much Malaysian thinking. Rich doctors are the ones who make business or work in private. Kerja dekat private tu teramatlah sibuk. Sudi ka kalau tak minat? Nazran is right, venture into something which is considered a passion. Kalau ikhlas kerana Allah (bukan duit semata-mata) InsyaAllah ada rezeki. Salam.

K.Nazran said... [Reply to comment]

Hello 95,
I'm not denying doctors can make money. (It's not in the post...right?) They make TONS of it...then again, so do chefs, musicians, designers and all those 'unpopular' jobs in the eyes of our 'Asian' culture. And yes, you're right. Passion for it should be determining factor. Skills and personality is another.

95 student eh? This is rare :3
I wish you luck and hope you follow our future updates for more info

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