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Preparing Ammunitions, Kevlar, Sniper Rifle and Helmet

Long time no see. Haven't blogged anything in 1994 for such a long time, and today I'll share with you few information, specifically written for SPM candidates of 2012 (batch '95). You may think that these are advices, as the mini codex to prepare yourself for the upcoming future as a college student.

Prepare Your Ammunition

Definition of "ammunition" according to the Unified Dictionary of NightlyArt, it is a kind of analogy for preparing the specific knowledge of your choice, e.g. the course that you decided to pursue in the tertiary degree.

Special agents, or soldiers always prepare their specific gun such as Glock, Sig Sauer, Nighthawk or whatsoever type of guns with the specific bullet, according to the type of mission, either hollow point or full metal jacket. In this case, you might need to refer to the newspapers or internet (Afterschool as the example). Bear in mind that you won't find any useful information about the public universities in newspaper. It is your task to venture into the internet, ask your seniors on Facebook or just refer to their blogs, and get yourself into some specific forum boards (ReCom as the example).

#Protips : Form a group of 10 (more or less), each of the team member will choose the certain specific universities of interest, and then Google for the answers for some certain specific information. Combine it, and then "sync" the final results with your school counsellor. Maybe they have some useful information in their databank to help you.

Prepare Your Sniper Rifle

Let say that you're done with the information gathering, proceed to the next step. In this step, like snipers, we are going to have definite target and resolute standing on what you'll do for the next phase, i.e. your tertiary stage of education.

It is not necessary for you to have only 1 final target. Having multiple targets may help you to plan few fallback options just in case something worst happened. Serving as the example, you're really interested to be a Pharmacist, but the road for you to be as a Pharmacist is closed due to few factors, you still have few backup plans. Stand up, and keep your pace steadily.

The same thing goes to the choices of university. Don't be afraid, because "once the student is ready, the teacher will come" - Buddha.

#Protips : Play Counter-Strike a lot, and you'll know which is the best. Is it Steyr Scout? Arctic Warfare Magnum? H&K? Hewhewhew.

Prepare Your Kevlar

Culture shock is something inevitable, and it happened to me too. Dealing with it will teach you a lot of things, and in fact, it is a tool to improve your thinking skill and maturity. Same as Kevlar, understanding the causes of the culture shock and also the "mechanism" to fight against the negativity of the society is like a type of defense, to ensure that bullets of social destruction won't degrade yourself.

Adequate knowledge in religion also required for Muslim students. Basic understanding about prayer, du'a and every crucial principles in Islam will help you to organize your life better, and also you'll have the tendency to score more in your exam for Foundation of Islamic Religion (hehehehe).

But please… Islam isn't something that you apply with your pen and liquid paper only, but it is something that you have to apply with your brain and muscles.

#Protips : 6 months of hiatus isn't short, and this is the golden time for you to learn about the fundamental teachings of Islam. Or else, learn more about the history of Islamic civilization, the age of Turki Ottoman empire, the Abbasid empire and also the Umayyad Caliphate. These are the important names, Google 'em:

Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh, Khalifah Harun ar-Rasyid, and Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz. And also, the scholars such as al-Haitam (Alhazen), Ibnu Sina (Avicenna), al-Khawarizmi (Algaurizin) and many more, because they were the scientists that laid the foundation in science. Focus yourself on the age of Abbasid & the Ottoman Empire, and also their relation with European's renaissance.

For more fun, you might want to read about Thomas Alva Edison and Nikola Tesla.

Prepare Your Helmet

Helmet and Kevlar are quite the same things (and you can buy both of them by using 1 key command in Counter-Strike) but they protect the different parts of the body. By using the definition from the NightlyArt Unified Dictionary, helmet is something that protect your head, by adding an extra torture to your head - heat.

Yes, we're going to torture our mind here, hardwiring few things so we can calibrate to build new useful mindsettings. In this case, we are going to change a few small things only, such as:

a. At what time we should wake up
b. Fighting sleep deprivation
c. Dealing with mood swing
d. Grow a habit to read more and more
e. Speedreading
f. whatever necessary things that can be changed

Why do we need to change things that we are born with? Simple! There must be things, that if you change them, you can boost your productivity, or your life become more manageable, or you can bring more happiness.

Yes, first thing is you need to torture yourself to recalibrate innate attitude. In my case, I had hard time to make sure that I would read at least 5 pages of a self-help book everyday. But now, I can sprint through 10 pages in one go, 4 times a day.

#Protips : Start with Wikipedia, and all you need is to keep the momentum.

Final Worlds

To sum it up, prepare yourself necessarily. In the meantime, enjoy your holiday. Watching Anime or English series may help you with your vocab, or playing some online games may reduce your stress.

#Protips : Consider "The Mentalist". Now it runs on its season 5. Maybe it is a little bit hard to find the first season on the Net.

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