Monday, December 17, 2012

Straight A's : Is it THAT important?

Assalamualaikum and good day to you all!

This post is just my random thought to share with all of you juniors. As we all know, PMR result will be release this week, and soon, SPM and STPM follows up. Now my question is, how many A's are considered, important? Straight A's, a lot, less, no A's, just a mere pass? Sure, we all want to hold that slip, and be proud of the A's we got.

But, what IF, you don't get what you think you deserve? I remember the day when I get my SPM result, and almost cried my heart out in front of my friends. Owh, what a dreadful thing to read, when my expectation seems to be in a drench. I was so embarrass, I think I could just die. To think my result was that bad, is unacceptable, after those flying colours I got for UPSR and PMR.

Then, I went for lunch with friends. "8A's", "7A's" was all that I heard. My ears were burning. I thought I there was no hope for me. Then I got a wake-up call from my teachers. They said, my results wasn't so bad. Then they asked me what I want to be, and proudly I said, I want to be an Aircraft Engineer.

Keep in your mind, I still don't think I could make it. I applied for a lot of things, just to try my luck. UPU, Matriks, Private colleges, just basically anything. I even applied for TESL! (since I got an A+ for English and an A for 1119) Fast forward a couple of months, a very interesting results came on. I got accepted for everything I applied. Matriks, UNITEN and UPU. Owh, but UPU decided to change my course that I applied, which made me sad.

Decided to go for UNITEN, since I have a better chance of becoming an engineer there, I discovered an institute I knew existed, but overlooked it. UniKL MIAT. With the due date for the application almost close, I quickly filled the application form. After waiting and waiting, I was called for the interview and IQ test.

And now, I am proudly stating, I'm a student there. With MARA covering my fees, I'm greatly grateful for the supports I get from everyone. Owh, something I forgot to mention, MIAT is an institute providing course only, and only to become a License Aircraft Engineering  and Aviation Management. In the end, I get what I wanted.
*random pic of me in MIAT. Guess which 1 is me :3*

So kids, don't you worry too much about your results. Whatever you get, whatever it is, be sure to smartly handle your situation, go for what you want. There's always a way you can achieve your dream. OK?!

Assalamualaikum :)

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3 Terbunuh:

BrilliantWriter said... [Reply to comment]

What you have said is true :) There is always a second chance for us to improve ourselves. Thus, choose the path that you certainly believe will make you satisfied and happy.

All the best!

Ali said... [Reply to comment]

Glad you agree!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

hi. nak tanya boleh? yg iq test tu macam mana eh contoh dia? susah sgt ke? tak dpt bayang lagi try search tak jumpa. thanks!

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