Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Thing About Passion

Remember the time when you ask your parents/family/friends about what course to take after SPM? The most common reply is

"Ko belajar apa yang ko minat"
"Follow your passion"
"Passion kene ada bro, kalau tak, susah"



You know it's freaking frustrating when you talk about PASSION. Really, what is PASSION? How would you define this PASSION? A strong emotional attachment? A subtle but continuous interest? The voice in your head saying "Yeah man, this is passion." like a blonde hippie high on weed?

Maybe yes, maybe no. The reality is: PASSION is THAT ABSTRACT. No single definition of Passion fits for everyone. 

But I'm not here to define PASSION. I'm here to help you find it.

You see, the saddest person in this world is someone who has no passion. He or she lives life as it is without a sense of direction or drive because the absence of passion. That particular person find it hard to get up in the morning because every day is the same. Life in his or her eyes is grey and bland. Sad isn't it?

So, find your passion but HOW?

There are many ways to find it. But one thing for sure, you will need to work for it. That's right, no one can get his/her true passion just from a single moment of epiphany. You would need to go through multiple epiphanies and discoveries before the passion you seek appeared in front of your eyes.

Among the way is to immerse yourself into it.

Yes, go for it!

Find music interesting? Go learn an instrument
Find cooking interesting? Buy several cookbooks
Find physics interesting? Read ALL about it
Find a particular sports interesting? Don't stand around and go PLAY it!

Do what your heart says "Hey, this might be interesting. Give it a try." In this particular context, the 'leap before you think' mindset can be beneficial. Why? Because you don't know anything about what you will like, so just DO IT and see what happens. I did that with music and until now, it has been one of my passion.

Another way (actually, it is more of a supplement) is to do a particular activity/subject with all you got. Yes, most passion don't come easy. You would need to crack it down and taste the very core of it. Imagine how many people didn't find their passion because they give up before they could taste the sweetness of it all.

Talk to people! Your confused self is the worst person to listen. Go and talk to people. It doesn't need to be about your passion. Just talk. Who knows, that person could introduce you to your passion.

Simply enough, we would need to work your butts off to find your passion. And trust me, once you find it, your life would be really meaningful...

Why I'm confident to say that?

Because I found mine...
And if I didn't find it, I won't be writing this blog post.

Yes, my passion is writing

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