Monday, January 7, 2013

I Want To Change But...

It's that time of the year again. Every year, during the first week of January is commonly known as 'resolution week' when people of all ages make their new year resolution, deliberately sharing it with friends through chit-chats, conversation and social media.

They are an ambitious bunch too, posting flashy and dream-like resolution like "I want to go to gym everyday" or the common "I want to get 4.0 in every exam". Dear readers, I'm sure you're one of them too. (Cuz I am)

But most of the time, we see those ambitious declaration faded from existence as soon as complacency and plain laziness came. Gone with the wind, like they never made those resolutions before. And at the end of the year, we hear the same sigh:

 "I'm worthless. I achieve nothing this year. I didn't change for the better"

is an interesting word. Most of our new year resolution revolve around this idea. To portray oneself differently from the past, in possible, in a positive way. But change is hard. That's why most people didn't stick to their resolution. CHANGE IS HARD

But change, like most of other hard stuffs, can be bearable. You just need to do it, stick with it, embrace it.

Let's say, you want to lose weight. Ask yourself, do you really want to lose weight? If you do, buck up and be serious! Write it down. Plan a strategy. Stick with it. Get your friends to support you. Enjoy it! Soon, you will see the results!

Well, easy said than done, true? Of course. I told you, Change is hard.

But those who decided to change and stick to their resolution had their lives changed 180 degrees.

I have a friend who decided that he won't be the 'last person in the class' anymore. He struggled, meeting with nothing but failure. People said he wasn't bright, yet he turn out deaf ears. Alas, he changed. From that kid who failed most of his subjects to the kid in graduation clothes, receiving his Best Student Award for SPM.

Here's his full account to his story:

Nazran from 1994's wish all of you a Happy New Year, Happy Making Resolutions, Happy Sticking With Them. And May You Change For the Better!

"If you want things to change, you have to change"

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