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The Art of 'Let Me Speak'


Sejujurnya, aku baru nak tulis pasal kes hangat 'Listen' ni, tapi terlambat pulak. Tidak mengapa kerana post hari ini adalah untuk 'damage control' isu-isu ini.

"Fight ignorance, not poverty"
-Someone I can't recall-

Sekarang, let mi spik/rait in Inglish bicos my ton is beter en fa mo enjoyabeel.


So, it's true that the recent UUM Forum video had sparked the nation in outrage especially towards the forum moderator (From here on now be called as Ms. S) who digress a student's question with animal analogies. I too, watched it and was shocked to see such act which embarrassed the student publicly in front of hundreds (thousands?) of students.

But I'm not going to talk more on that.

The thing is, people are baffled and outraged towards Ms. S' attitude and her very weak argument BUT the same people gave the exact same attitude and weak argument towards Ms. S. These are ripped directly for the internet (Content advised):

"Ish, Ms. S ni. X de otak. Bodoh. Tu ar x pakai tudung lagi. SETAN!"
"Listen, listen, listen, listen. Ei, memang perempuan ni nak kene bunuh"
"This is why we need to topple the government. BANGKIT RAKYAT"

Now, we're talking about how non-eloquent Ms. S respond to the student's question. Not why she's the devil because she didn't cover up her hair. That's off context. Must be killed? Why? There's no evidence why she should be killed. POLITICS???? Ya Allah, how can a discussion on the attitude of the moderator can be related to Politics? Yeah sure, the forum and the questions are related in nature but a coup de tat'? How is that related?

The most obvious trend in all those examples above is: INSULTS

Right, what is the purpose of an argument?

 "an argument is an attempt to persuade someone of something, by giving reasons or evidence for accepting a particular conclusion"

Now, if you're insulted, will you be persuaded? If someone honked you on the road and say "Oi, drive cam orang bangang!" will you go "Ha ah lah, aku drive macam bodoh. Kene improve ni." ? NO
So, is that an argument? NO
That particular driver just want to insult someone. The same reason why the writers of those comments wrote such 'beautiful' comments.

You see, Ms. S screwed up big time. She won the argument, but lost the hearts of many. These 'internet people' is saying to argue that she's indeed a bad speaker and should apologize/do something about it. But with this level of arguments, I highly doubt it.

Those kinds of arguments are in fact, too much. Come on, talk and argue about how she should not do that. Not blindly associating this case with religion, politics and her personal life with a barrel full of rage and angst.

So, in order to curb these sucky 'internet arguments', here are five tips on how to argue effectively

1. NEVER insult
Explained above
2. No one cares about your opinion
Really, no one cares. It's not right because you say it's right. No one cares about your opinion but if you supplement it with logic, reasoning and rationale, maybe they will care. Eg: "I love Digimon" <-opinion "I love Digimon because it has a cool storyline and characters" <- opinion with reasoning. The key: ADD BECAUSE
3. Your ego is your enemy
This happened to Ms. S. Her ego forced her to be defensive and produce such weak arguments. NEVER put emotional attachments to your arguments. Arguments are meant to be objective and logical. Keep a cool head and argue like a pro
4. Avoid False Binaries
The 'absolute' way. "We must get free education or Malaysia won't achieve Vision 2020." The question is, is free education the ONLY way to achieve Vision 2020? The absolutes are dangerous. They are meant to brainwash and arouse the audience emotionally.
5. Don't digress
Be straight to the point. Don't go suddenly talking about coffee and tea where the argument is about foreign policy.

Now, let's make a change, to ourselves, as better argument-makers (No other suitable words) to make Malaysia a better place

And not some citizen who blindly follows anything and argues like five years old.

Fine, let's agree to disagree, then.

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